Create An Effective Online Video Ad

Each day, more than 100 million people go online and watch videos. Of this group, nearly 80% of people will have a remembrance of any ads they watched while online. For any business, these types of statistics can serve as a marketing heaven. A video production team can help your business get in on the action by creating an online ad for your brand. In order to ensure your ad is effective, here are just some of the creation tips you want to keep in mind.

Strong Lead-In

These days, the average online viewer isn't necessarily sitting in front of a computer screen. People watch online ads on their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Since a number of people will likely view your ad while on the go, you need to create a strong lead-in if you plan to keep their attention.

When people are on the move, with little time, an ad that doesn't immediately capture their attention is one that they will likely quickly swipe by. Save the most important points for the start of the online ad.

Brand Exposure

As previously mentioned, the majority of users who view online ads remember them. Make sure they don't just remember your ad, but that they also remember your brand. Brand exposure helps current and potential customers associate your brand with a particular product or service, which can ultimately drive your sales up.

Online video ads create the unique opportunity to overload the senses by interjecting your brand in the form of text on the screen, graphics or audio voice overs. Make sure you are interjecting your brand into your video in each of these three forms.

Include Links

Reading is considered an active experience, but online video ad viewing can be interactive. Depending on the format that you are displaying your ad on, you may be able to create a link. A link helps you bridge the gap between making someone aware of your product or service and getting them in the door.

With a link you can create an opportunity for viewers to immediately be introduced to your website or online marketplace. Make sure that you are including a link in your online ad to increase its effectiveness.  

Video production services like Kaleidoscope Pictures, Inc have the expertise to work with your business to create an online ad that is not only a positive representation of your business, but one that is also effective at accomplishing your goal.