Why You Need An Articulating Borescope For Your Plumbing Business

Are you new to the plumbing industry and intend on starting your own business? It is important for you to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment to perform tasks, and an articulating borescope is a good piece to invest in. Find out in this article how an articulating borescope can be useful to your plumbing business.

What Is an Articulating Borescope?

A borescope is a piece of equipment that can make your job as a plumber much easier to do. You must keep in mind that one of the common tasks involving with plumbing is repaired sewer lines. A borescope will allow you to do a thorough inspection of sewer lines without wasting time on the wrong diagnosis. Basically, the piece of equipment has a long tube on it that can travel deep inside of the sewer system. The useful aspect of the tube traveling inside of the sewer system is that there is also a camera attached to it that can capture images, which will let you know what must be done to repair the problem.

Where Are the Captured Images Displayed?

The long tube that is sent into the sewer line is attached to a handle that you will hold. The handle will have a screen on it that displays the images as they are captured. The great thing about the handle of a borescope is that you can also control the direction that the camera travels in the sewer line with it. There is basically a joystick that can be maneuvered at your discretion so you can get better results when inspecting the sewer line. There are also borescopes that are equipped with a connection for transferring images to a computer via a USB cable.

Will Images Captured Inside of Sewer Lines Be Dark?

You don't have to worry about the captured images being too dark for you to determine what you are looking at. An articulating borescope is also equipped with a light for your convenience that will illuminate images. Keep in mind that you can also use the borescope for capturing video, and the light will make what's displayed in the videos a lot easier to see. The quality of the images and videos will depend on the specific borescope that you invest in. Visit a borescope dealer as soon as possible so you can help your customers with sewer line problems in a more efficient way!