Why You Need An Articulating Borescope For Your Plumbing Business

Are you new to the plumbing industry and intend on starting your own business? It is important for you to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment to perform tasks, and an articulating borescope is a good piece to invest in. Find out in this article how an articulating borescope can be useful to your plumbing business. What Is an Articulating Borescope? A borescope is a piece of equipment that can make your job as a plumber much easier to do. [Read More]

Create An Effective Online Video Ad

Each day, more than 100 million people go online and watch videos. Of this group, nearly 80% of people will have a remembrance of any ads they watched while online. For any business, these types of statistics can serve as a marketing heaven. A video production team can help your business get in on the action by creating an online ad for your brand. In order to ensure your ad is effective, here are just some of the creation tips you want to keep in mind. [Read More]